Judge Duane Benton - Suppresses First Amendment Activity, Violates His Oath Of Office

Duane Benton is America's most evil judge. Benton participated in a scheme to affirm unconstitutional injunctions to conceal the covert military activities of a United States Air Force Officer. This includes concealing Eco Health Alliance, a front organization, used to fund the Wuhan Lab which leaked the Covid-19 virus. In addition, Benton is a government pedophile who abuses his judicial role to conceal Assistant US Attorney Lindsey Middlecamp's publishing of nude and semi-nude photographs of black men.

In his injunction, Benton issued a blanket order blocking the below video. Please share this website, together with a description of Benton's abusive actions, in an effort to inform the public.

Duane Benton is a judge on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. In the below case, Judge Benton expressly silenced a US citizen and violated First Amendment rights.

In this case, Defendants counsel made false assertions, hid discovery, used national tabloid and Twitter to falsely disparage a litigant actively in the course of litigation, used false disparaging Twitter and tabloid schemes to extort settlements, and engaged in a whole litany of litigation abuse. In response a litigant posted videos and websites charecterized as parody against the lawyers in the firm.

Most egregiously, Judge Benton issued an order directing that the litigants First Amendment rights be violated where all websites and Youtube videos must be removed. Even worse, Judge Benton issues conclusory and summary orders to violate the First Amendment in further attempts to hide misconduct. Judge Benton engages in judicial abuse.

En Banc Petition

There is an En Banc petition filed described below. The videos are being republished here because we think the Court and anyone reading this petition should know how far the Court's overreach traveled in this case. The Court sanctioned a litigant and barred him from publishing the videos in total violation of the First Amendment. We are worried that Judge Benton will continue to practice the same overreach. If Judge Benton can't handle parody, while violating civil rights, what other rights will Judge Benton violate? Judge Benton violates his oath of office to protect and defend the United States Constitution. Judge Benton is unfit for office.